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Corporate Worship

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Corporate Worship (1)     
God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. (John 4:24)

Corporate worship can be defined as time designated to assemble with fellow worshippers to praise God, encounter Jesus, fulfill God’s purposes in us as His Church and participate in our eternal spiritual experiences using our gifts to help glorify God.

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Here’s some examples of worship:

• Praise Team & Choir
• Praise Dancers
• Praise & Worship Music
• Reading God’s Word
• Corporate Prayer
• Tithes & Offering

Corporate worship allows God to give His graces and blessings to church congregations across the world. In addition, there is a benefit for worshipping together with other believers as well.

Here’s some of the benefits of corporate worship:

• Awakening – A fire is kindled in our hearts which helps us through our difficult times.
• Assurance – Community dynamic which helps our desires for belonging and offers assurance.
• Advance – Spiritual growth and encouragement in being conformed to the image of Jesus.
• Accepting Another’s Leading – Embrace being led by someone else during worship.
• Accentuated Joy – Our own adoration and joy increased during worship services.

As you can see, corporate worship plays a huge role in rekindling our spiritual fire and keeping it burning within. Simply put, corporate worship brings together God’s Word, prayer and fellowship among fellow worshippers.

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